March Special – Organic Lift!


Skin needs hydration and balance during seasonal changes!

Organic Peptide treatment great for pregnancy, hormonal acne, or dehydrated skin.


Do you notice the seasonal changes in your skin? Winter has been especially dry this year, and that takes a toll on our skin – particularly the face, since it is constantly exposed to the elements. Cold, dry air makes for rougher skin that can appear cracked or patchy. Hot showers may be comforting, but will dehydrate your skin even more.

The Organic Lift, non-chemical ‘peel,’ is the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Your skin will not peel. For this treatment, a similar technology is used to penetrate lower layers of your skin.
  • High in polypeptides, this treatment builds protein and encourages collagen production to keeps your skin taut and smooth.
  • Hyaluronic acid adds hydration and moisture to your skin, enabling your cells to grab onto water more easily and hold onto it longer.
  • Gentle, effective, and beneficial to all skin types, including those expecting.

This Organic Lift is often incorporated into other treatments, but is not available on Bliss’ service menu as an individual treatment. The month of March is your only opportunity to experience this special treatment at a special price.

See you soon!


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